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A roof is not enough -- a look at homelessness worldwide, by Monte Leach  
According to Scott Leckie, Director of the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions in Geneva, homelessness persists on a vast scale in both rich and poor countries because of economic and political disregard for the human rights of the poor.

Homelessness in Spain: "We help them recover their self-esteem", by Carmen Font
A survey of homelessness in Spain, highlighting several programs which encourage renewal of self-esteem and relationship skills as the keys to reorientation.

Sleeping bags for the homeless, by Jan Spence
How Flo Wheatley's experience with the miraculous inspired her to start the My Brother's Keeper Quilt Group.

The other side of the coin: people-power and change, by Tamae Ishiwatari
How the "Wednesday Patrol" in Kawasaki, Japan, changed the fate of homeless people through education, fostering cooperation and understanding in the entire community.

"We must help save the world", Interview with Sarah Lewis, by Dick Larson
Sarah Lewis tells how she overcame personal adversity to realize her life's mission - to salvage lives, inspiring creation of the Lewis Center for the Homeless in Riverside, California, USA. 

The ATD Fourth World Movement, by Gérald Bitoun
A report on homelessness and poverty in France and the organization which, for 40 years, has sought to keep this human crisis before the eyes and ears of government. 

Homelessness, not helplessness in the US, by Cielito Pascual
A report on the factors driving up the numbers of homeless people, and the initiatives which are providing both short and long term solutions. 

Homelessness in Holland
A comparison between how the Dutch Government and volunteers are addressing homelessness in Holland. 

Homelessness in Norway: Osman is not alone in his plight, by Ana Swierstra Bie
A report on increasing homelessness in Norway, causes and attempts to stem the tide against entrenched social/political indifference. 

Homelessness in the UK: Rough sleepers in Soho, by Britta Landt
A survey of homelessness in London, UK and efforts to reorient their lives. 

Homelessness in Russia: A visit with Valery Sokolov, by Jan Spence
Valery Sokolov, journalist and President of the fledgling Nochlyazhka Charitable Foundation in St. Petersburg, tells about homelessness in Russia and his surprise at finding homelessness in the United States.  

Homelessness in Germany: The visible form of true poverty, by Andrea Bistrich 
An analysis of how/why some 860,000 people are homeless in Germany, which like most nations, has no governmental structure to address this human rights problem. 

Homelessness in Canada: From housing to shelters to blankets, by Connie Hargrave 
A report about increasing homelessness in Canada, which like other countries, has cut funding for housing to reduce its deficit and save taxpayer money.

Homelessness in Japan: Cardboard village and the Shogun’s Law, by Tamae Ishiwatari
Discussion of homelessness in Japan as a violation of the traditional Shogun principle which gives top priority to the common good, including those caught up in the "Catch 22" syndrome of social service rules and regulations. 

Internet can help street children, by Carmen Font
Groups in Latin America are helping homeless children by establishing Internet centers in cities and villages.

Helping the street children of South Africa: profile of Ashoka fellow David Fortune
A profile of Ashoka fellow, David Fortune, fostering social change in Cape Town, as founder of STREETS Community Development Association there.

Finding jewels in the gutter, by Ana Swierstra Bie
Arne Skarpsno and his wife, Gerd, have spent eleven years making meals and distributing them to those living on the streets of Oslo, Norway - and have  found a source of love like no other.

Homeless find self-reliance by becoming actors
The Homeless Theatre Troupe in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, provides a creative way for people to enhance their self-esteem while performing plays based on their real life experiences on the streets.:

Empty stomachs in a world of plenty, by Peter Rosset
Although food production has outstripped population growth, global hunger persists because market forces and politics, not human need, shape food distribution.  

Living with the poor of Tokyo, by Charles McJilton
Christian missionary McJilton reports on his experience as a homeless man in Tokyo, highlighting the attitudes which perpetuate isolation and hopelessness even among those with skills and resourcefulness. 

Romania: the chance for a normal life, by Andrea Bistrich
Irina Dragoi and her teammates look after poor and homeless children in Bucharest.

Signs of success: the Race Against Poverty Awards, by Cielito Pascual
Six people are recognized for initiating projects to fight poverty in their countries. 

Benjamin Creme, the chief editor of Share International, lectures throughout the world on the emergence of Maitreya -- the World Teacher -- and His group, the Masters of Wisdom. Their urgent message for humanity is that we must learn to share the resources of the world so that everyone has the basic necessities of life: food, shelter, health care and education.

Click here to see Mr. Creme's upcoming lecture venues or here to listen to his previous talks located on this site. 

Details about the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher

"How can you be content with the modes within which you now live: when millions starve and die in squalor; when the rich parade their wealth before the poor; when each man is his neighbor's enemy; when no man trusts his brother? For how long must you live thus, my friends? For how long can you support this degradation?" Maitreya

The Share International Media Service maintains a private web site for journalists and researchers. It contains hundreds of articles, all of which may be used for reference or be reprinted with credit to Share International. If you wish to explore this site, please send your name, organizational affiliation and phone number to: this address.  You will be given the web site address by return email.

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First published April 1999, Last modified: 15-Oct-2005