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The Vanishing Hitchhiker

Letters from people to whom Maitreya has appeared and announced the Second Coming.

A mysterious hitchhiker in New Zealand

New Zealand's Christian community is abuzz with reports of a mysterious hitchhiker who has been thumbing rides on the North Island. The bloke they've picked up will say something like, "did you know the Lord is coming back?" and that's the only thing the fellow says, reports journalist Brian Finn who has been investigating the incidents. Then he vanishes from the speeding car. He's appeared on several main roads, always to young Christian couples. Some have said the stranger was wearing shining white clothes, although no one has been able to describe his exact appearance.

(Share International,  January/February 1991)

Hitchhiker in Holland

The Dutch Christian daily newspaper Trouw ran an article about the phenomenon from which we quote the following: a member of the Dutch Reformed Church heard the story at his bible class: a motorist picks up a hitchhiker along the motorway. A conversation develops on spiritual matters and the subject of the future Kingdom of God crops up. The hitchhiker then announces that Jesus will appear again soon and disappears in the same way as at the supper at Emmaus. The motorist is so shaken by the experience that he parks his car on the hard shoulder to recover from the shock. Here he is approached by some traffic policemen to whom he tells the story. They reply,  you are the eighth motorist who has told us this.

(Share International, April 1991)

Hitchhiker in Mississippi, USA

Dear Editor,

The article about the 'Mystery Hitchhiker' is identical to a story I heard (about 1 November 1990) going around here. A niece told one of my daughters that one Sunday in her Methodist Church all the talk was about incidents which happened on the Natchez Trace, a national park highway that runs from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. It is a lonely road where no commercial vehicles are allowed. The speed limit is 50 miles an hour...

The same story came from small towns around here, that people were riding on the Traceway when they saw a man hitchhiking. When they stopped and he got in the back seat, he said he was Jesus and then disappeared. One couple said they never pick up hitchhikers but they felt compelled to this time. They went to the park ranger station and reported it, only to be told that they were the sixth ones to stop and tell them the same story...

From what I heard, most of the incidents happened between two small towns bordering the Trace: Kosciusko and Mantee.

Yours sincerely, E.M., Maben, Mississippi, USA.

(Share International,  April 1991)

Hitchhiker in Florida, USA

Dear Editors,

While perusing the bulletin boards on one of the computer networks, I ran across the following letter posted by a man who wishes to remain anonymous. Here is his story:

A black woman I know indirectly was driving up the local highway. She normally doesn't pick up hitchhikers (at all), but she did this time -- a white man. He was friendly and they chatted. He unexpectedly said, I can tell -- you must be a Christian. She hesitated out of fear, and then said she was. The man said, Gabriel's lips are on his trumpet, and then vanished. She freaked and was looking wildly around in her car. She was swerving on the highway a lot. When she regained her composure, she realized a state trooper was pursuing her. She pulled over. The trooper insisted on knowing why she was driving that way. After she told her story, he didn't give her a ticket. He said she was the fourth (or seventh -- she couldn't remember which) person he had heard it from that day.

In subsequent conversations with this man, I learned that this incident happened the week after Thanksgiving (1993) on Highway 95 on a stretch of road between West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Another woman from the area told of her similar experience with this mysterious hitchhiker on a local TV news program. He has also said that several of his co-workers told of occurrences of the hitchhiker which had happened in Jacksonville, Florida around February or March of last year.

G.S. (Boulder, Colorado, USA)  

(Share International, April 1994)

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